Custom Colour CRAZE - Red

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Create super easy cracked effect nail art.

Use over another gel polish colour for amazing results.


1. Sanitize your hands and clients hands. Check for contra-indications
2. Prep nail using 180gt centro file. Shape the free edge using a natural file. Dust away from
cuticle area.
3. Apply contact acid free primer to entire nail - avoid skin.
4. Apply #customcolour base coat, leave a small 1mm gap (road) near the cuticle, ensuring
you don’t touch the skin. Seal the free edge first then apply a thin and even coat over entire
nail surface. Cure 30 seconds.
5. Apply chosen #customcolour gel polish to the nail, ensure you leave a 1mm gap around
the cuticle area- avoid skin. Cure in for 30 seconds.
6. Repeat the last #customcolour gel coat, cure for 10 seconds x 2.
7. Apply an even coat of your chosen #customcolour craze. Allow to air dry. Will take up to 5
minutes to create craze effect depending on thickness of application. A dryer can be used
to speed up this process. Return hand to lamp to cure for remaining 10 seconds.
8. Apply #customcolour non wipe top coat or soft touch matte coat, ensuring you cap the free
edge. Cure 30 seconds.
9. Client to wash hands using antibacterial handwash and sugar cane exfoliant.
10 . Apply surmanti organico cuticle oil and hand crème.