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All Surmanti gels (soak-off gels, hard gels, top coats, and gel polishes) contain light activated photo initiators that, when exposed to the Surmanti LED/UV lamp, activate the molecules within and change the form from a liquid gel into a hard durable plastic.

Surmanti gel products become activated when exposed to the light wavelengths emitted from the Surmanti LED /UV lamp.

The Surmanti LED/UV Lamp has a wide band wavelength to ensure all Surmanti gels cure correctly.

Each Surmanti gel product has specific cure time requirements due to its manufacturing chemistry and, as such, directions must be always followed.

Failing to follow product directions may result in:
• Product breakdown (chipping, peeling etc).
• An increased risk of developing allergies.
Ergonomic design and accurate bulb placement ensures that once the hand is placed correctly in the lamp and the lamp is activated, all four fingers and thumb cure fully at one time.
Occasionally some clients with limitations in their hand movement may require

*Lamp cords are not covered under manufacturers warranty as we can not control the stretching / twisting of cords in salon.