Sixteen Rechargeable LED Lamp

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Sixteen Rechargeable LED Lamp:
- Designed for professional Nail Experts
- Cures UV and LED Gel


Charging Instructions:
- Connect the charger to the power supply, and the machine will start charging.
- When the RED light indicator turns on, the nail lamp needs to be charged immediately!
- When the GREEN light indicator turns on, the nail lamp is fully charged.
- Charging time takes 2 hours. A full battery will last 8 hours of use. (The nail lamp can be used while charging.)
- Built-in lithium-ion battery with a rechargeable cycle function for 800 uses.


Operation Instructions
- Turn on the switch, and the lamp will be ready to use.
- Automatic Sensor Mode: When hands are placed inside, the nail lamp will start working. Once hands are removed, the lamp will stop working. Maximum working time: 99 seconds.
- Manual Mode: Press the timing button to begin curing nails (10s/30s/60s).
The countdown will immediately start. Press the 99s button to start curing nails in 
low-temperature mode. If the curing process needs to be stopped, please press the timing button.
- Memory Function: Select your curing time (10s/30s/60s). The lamp will automatically start the countdown when the hand is placed inside, preventing overcuring.
- If the lamp is not used within 10 minutes after it is turned on, it will enter standby mode. To restart, please press the 99s button.