Synergy Polymer Gel - Clear

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An innovative system incorporating the best of both worlds, traditional acrylic combined with the latest advancements in gel technology.

  • Lightweight and flexible, Synergy Polymer Gel is designed to remain in the position you place it, allowing all the time you require to create the perfect nail. It will only cure (set hard) when    placed under the lamp for 30 seconds.

  • Synergy Polymer Gel is as strong as it is versatile. It can be used to extend over tips or forms and streamlines natural nail overlays. This synergistic combination of ingredients means it is easily filed into perfection.

  • A Huge benefit to Synergy Polymer Gel – NO ODOUR.

  • No Sticky Jars.

  • Easy to use. Allows all the time you need, to create perfect nails every time.

  • Reduces filing as you have the time to get the product perfect before curing.

  • No lifting.

  • Strong - keeps its shape at the free edge.

  • Available in 6 colours – French Pink / Cover Pink / Clear / French White / Pink Lustre / Sheer Pink.

* Always follow Manufacturer’s Directions of use.